5 Ways to Combat Dry Natural Hair

5 Ways to Combat Dry Natural Hair

 When it comes to textured hair, moisture, or the lack thereof, tends to be a big complaint. Truth is, it’s harder for curlier textures to hold moisture simply because of the nature of the hair strand. Because of the curls, twists and turns of curly, coily and kinky hair, the natural oils from the scalp cannot travel down the strand as easily as it does in straight hair. So what can you do?

Here are five  ways you can combat dryness in naturally textured hair.

Drink Water

Healthy hair starts from the inside out. So making sure you drink plenty of water is the number one way to make sure your hair gets the moisture that it needs! If you have a hard time drinking water, now worries. Start at a glass a day and add another glass every few days until you get to a good amount to keep you well hydrated throughout the day.

Minimize Use of Heat

It’s okay to use heat if that’s your thing. You may want to switch things up and wear your hair curly one week but straight the other. But overdoing it with the blow dryer or flat iron can suck the moisture out of your hair, leaving you more prone to damage like breakage and split ends, not to mention heat damage which is the loss of your natural curl pattern.

If you do use heat, properly prepping the hair for heat styling is important, making sure your hair has the moisture and strength it needs to withstand the heat. But the longer you can hold off from those heat tools, the better. If you’re looking to achieve a simple blow-out look, the Q-Rede can help! Using the prongs as a comb to pick out the hair while steaming can result in the desired look without the damage. 

Protect Hair At Night

Sometimes, no matter what you do to prevent dryness during the day, it can be lost when you go to bed at night if you sleep on common cotton bedding. Yep, what you sleep on can make a big difference in your hair retaining moisture or not. Wearing a satin scarf or bonnet helps keep moisture in your hair and not on your pillow. If you prefer to sleep without something on your head, a satin pillowcase is another great option.

Protective Styling

Keeping your hair in a style that requires little to no manipulation is another key way to retain moisture. When your end are tucked in a protective style - with or without added hair - you are less likely to lose moisture as this happens mainly through the ends of the hair. Even something as simple as a roll and tuck style will do!

Deep Conditioning

Regularly including a nourishing, moisturizing deep conditioner or hair mask in your hair care routine can really help infuse moisture into your strands. Hair masks are especially made to go deeper into the hair than a regular rinse-out conditioner. Adding steam with the Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer helps open up the hair shaft so that your deep conditioner can really penetrate and be even more efficient! Many have found deep conditioning with the Q-Redew gives them amazingly moisturized hair and that the product is absorbed better as opposed to sitting on top of the hair. Below, Rebecca aka @itscurlybeccc shows us how the Q-Redew improves the benefits of her deep conditioning routine!

"I have been using my Q-Redew for a long time ever since I got my hands on one it made my deep conditioning treatment days so much better. It adds that extra moisture we need in our hair. My hair is really dry right now due to the cold weather, my split ends are showing so much! I like to use my handheld steamer when my hair is extra dry and needs the extra tlc." 

You too can join the #NoMoreDamageChallenge and commit to healthier hair! Try it out and see for yourself the power of steam and how the Q-Redew can help you achieve beautiful styles while maintaining healthy hair!

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