Q-Redew First Impressions on "4C" Hair w/ KandidKinks

Q-Redew First Impressions on "4C" Hair w/ KandidKinks

One question we get a lot at Q-Redew is, “does this work on ‘4C’ hair?” Well, the short answer is yes, it does. The fact is, because the Q-Redew is simply a tool that infuses steam into the hair, it works on any and every type of hair no matter the texture. It all boils down to what you’re trying to achieve.

For tightly coiled - “4C” - hair, you can use the Q-Redew to boost the efficiency of your deep conditioners, opening up the hair cuticle to help them penetrate the strands better. You can also use it to stretch your hair without the risk of heat damage if you’re looking for a blow-out look. Check out some heatless blowout videos here in our Video Archive!

See more on what the Q-Redew can do for your hair texture HERE

Wanna re-style your hair midweek but don’t have time to go through your whole wash process? The Q-Redew adds moisture and detangles the hair in one step! Steam gently softens the hair making detangling a breeze so you can easily transition to the next style. This method requires less drying time since your hair is not soaking wet!

Lexi better known as KandidKinks demonstrates two ways you can use the Q-Redew on “4C” hair while sharing her first impressions of this unique hair tool:

"Do you guys steam your hair?? I posted a video on my channel testing out the Q-Redew and I was SHOOK. I used it to deep condition, and then to refresh my style at the end of the week and my hair felt amazing."

Watch the full video and experience Lexi’s reaction to using her Q-Redew for the first time! Be sure to follow Kandid Kinks on Instagram, YouTube and on the website!

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