Is the Q-Redew for you?

Is the Q-Redew for you?

Is The Q-Redew For You?

We get asked ALL THE TIME if the Q-Redew will work on a specific type of hair. We always try our best to educate people about the pros that come with using the Q-Redew but it doesn't always work. Now we know that we can't win 'em all or that we can't educate everyone on the benefits but we will continue to try. 

That's why for this weeks blog we decided that we should drop a little knowledge on you guys. So please read through this and share it with as many non-believers as you can find!

Type 4 A/B/C hair? Conveniently deep condition, hydrate, detangle and stretch your hair with steam. The Q-Redew is an alternative to the time consuming hooded steamer and drippy spray bottles. It is convenient enough for daily use on dry hair. 

Type 3 A/B/C hair? Quickly refresh, reshape, and revive limp curls by adding steam from ends to roots or just where you need it. Use the prongs of the Q-Redew to help distribute the steam just like the prongs of a diffuser on a hairdryer. Let hair cool before touching to avoid frizz.

2 A/B/C wavy hair? Use the Q-Redew to lift the hair at the roots, reshape curls, and enhance texture. Great for a late day or second day hair boost.

Frizzy? It may be time to review your hair care routine. Frequent steam treatments with the Q-Redew will result in improved hydration of the hair resulting in less frizz over time.



To restyle or change styles without rewetting or saturating the hair

  • Start with dry, sectioned hair.
  • Add Q-Redew steam to one section at a time.
  • Steam from root to ends
  • While the section is warm and soft detangle and twist, braid, stretch, or style as desired.
  • Move on to next section

The Q-Redew steam makes detangling a breeze. It is while hair is soft, moist and warm, but not saturatedthat you can quickly melt away tangles without damaging hair.

  • Start with dry sectioned hair.
  • Steam a section from root to end
  • Use fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.
  • Once the section has been thoroughly detangled, clip the section out of the way and move to the next section.
  • Follow with cleansing and styling as desired.

The Q-Redew’s steam provides moisture and hydration to the hair by temporarily lifting the cuticle of the hair to allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. This is particularly helpful with low porosity hair, which is often difficult to moisturize due to its closed cuticle.

  • Deep conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair.
  • Hair should be divided hair into sections. 
  • Working in sections, apply your favorite moisturizer to your hair. When choosing a moisturizer look for products with water listed as a primary ingredient.
  • Apply Q-Redew steam to length of hair on section at a time.
  • Unlike a hooded steamer where you need to wait for the steam to penetrate all layers of your hair, when using the Q-Redew you are efficiently moving the steam across the surface of each section. You will immediately feel hair warm and soften.

Steam is a great way to add needed volume and life to limp, dry, static prone hair. All it takes is a few minutes of Q-Redew steam.

  • Apply Q-Redew steam to roots or through length of the hair to provide lift, volume, and enhance natural texture.
  • Use the prongs of the Q-Redew to lift and separate hair to distribute steam.
  • Use Clips at roots as needed to create lift.
  • Let hair cool before touching to avoid frizz.

To reshape and rejuvenate hair

  • Start with dry hair.
  • Add steam from roots to ends.
  • Use opposite hand or the end of a rats tail comb to position, scrunch, or manipulate hair while steaming. 
  • If you are prone to frizz limit touching the hair while warm.
  • Use the Q-Redew prongs to lift and separate hair to distribute steam.
  • Let cool and continue with styling.

Q-Redew steam provides a safe alternative to the dry heat of a blow dryer to achieve stretched, elongated styles.

  • Divide hair in sections.
  • Working with hair in sections, gently comb through hair with prongs of the Q-Redew or your other hand applying gentle tension as you steam to elongate hair.


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