Big Hair Braid Out

Big Hair Braid Out

Big Hair Braid Out

Hey Curly Girls!

We have a great video this week. Its all about getting a voluminous fro without using a pick or getting your hair super tangled.

Sounds impossible right? WRONG!

@Chell Bee has mastered the perfect fro with none of the hassle. BUT, before we get to that let us do a little introduction of who @Chell Bee is.

“Hi love! My name is Chellbee and welcome to my online oasis. Take off your shoes and stay awhile. I am an Atlanta based lifestyle blog that inspires everyday women to embrace their imperfections and live a beautiful life today.”

Here is the good stuff!

  • First you are going to want to start this with a fresh braid out.
  • Then, using your fingers, unravel your braids (let your hair separate where it naturally wants to)
  • Using your Q-Redew like you would a pick come through your hair making sure to let the steam hit your curls from root to end.
  • Make sure to hydrate any place that need a little extra love!

Now that you have all the steps grab your Q-Redew and enjoy @Chell Bee’s full video. And remember to follow her on all her social media platforms.




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