Stretching Natural Hair with the Q-Redew

Stretching Natural Hair with the Q-Redew

Natural Hair Stretching with the Q-Redew

Hey Curly Girls!

Who here loves a good stretch out? Good, now who here loves a good HEALTHY stretch out?

That’s what we thought, everyone. Everyone loves a good healthy stretch out and we have the solution… well @Maxine Jay with the help of the Q-Redew has the solution.

“What I love about the Q-Redew is that while I stretch my hair moisture is being released to my strands, which in turn hydrated my high porosity hair.”

We could do a lot of explaining and talking but with this one I think its best to just let the video speak for itself, so grab your Q-Redew and get ready.

Oh but before I go I have to say, as always, make sure to like and follow @Maxine Jay on all her social media platforms.




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