3 ways to Use the Q-Redew on Natural Hair W/ Curly Corner

3 ways to Use the Q-Redew on Natural Hair W/ Curly Corner

Hey Curly Girls!

We love all the many things that the Q-Redew can do but one of the things we love is the hairstyles that can be achieved. Whether you wear your curls big or high and tight the Q-Redew can help!

This week's blog features @CurlyCorner and how she uses the Q-Redew to style her curls but before we get into her tutorial lets talk about who @CurlyCorner is!

"My name is Amber and welcome to my Natural Hair channel. On this channel I will have hair tutorials, product reviews, and some randomness. I am all about creativity, bright colors, and having fun!"

Curly Corner Youtube Channel

Now that you know her a little better lets jump into her amazing video!

Top 3 Uses 

1. Refresh & Reshape

  • Start with dry hair.
  • Add steam from roots to ends.
  • Use opposite hand or the end of a rats tail comb to position, scrunch, or manipulate hair while steaming. 
  • If you are prone to frizz limit touching the hair while warm.
  • Use the Q-Redew prongs to lift and separate hair to distribute steam.
  • Let cool and continue with styling.

2. Deep Condition

  • Deep conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair.
  • Hair should be divided hair into sections. 
  • Working in sections, apply your favorite moisturizer to your hair. When choosing a moisturizer look for products with water listed as a primary ingredient.
  • Apply Q-Redew steam to length of hair on section at a time.
  • Unlike a hooded steamer where you need to wait for the steam to penetrate all layers of your hair, when using the Q-Redew you are efficiently moving the steam across the surface of each section. You will immediately feel hair warm and soften.

3. Stretch. Detangle. Moisturize.

  • Start with dry sectioned hair.
  • Steam a section from root to end
  • Use fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.
  • Once the section has been thoroughly detangled, clip the section out of the way and move to the next section.
  • Follow with cleansing and styling as desired.

Watch her do her magic below!

Please make sure to follow @CurlyCorner on all her Social Media platforms!




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