5 Ways To Use The Q-Redew with @Natashaleeds

5 Ways To Use The Q-Redew with @Natashaleeds

5 Ways to use the Q-Redew

Hello Curl Friends!

We get a lot of questions about the Q-Redew but one of the most commonly asked question is 'what does it do?' 

Now we could go ON and ON about the many things the Q-Redew can do, the many benefits it has, and every reason why you should own one. However we know that when you are looking into getting the best help for your hair you would rather hear from someone who is going through the same journey as you, who has used the Q-Redew, and who you can put a face to. It's hard to listen to the people selling the product and we get it! 

That is why we brought in Natasha Lee. Her blog is amazing and we have followed her natural journey for a while now. There is so much advice and honesty in her words that we had to partner with her. 

Her blog this week featured the Q-Redew and the 5 ways she uses it.

"Mark my word, the Q-Redew Steamer will be your saving grace for all those bad hair days."

1. Refresh & Volumize WITHOUT Rewetting

"The steam for the Q-Redew *magically* [yes I call it MAGIC!] brought my hair back to life!"

2. Easy Detangling

"On day EIGHT of my wash and go when my hair is typically very tangled, the QRedew steamer helped to melt through some tangled spots with ease."

3. Intensify Deep Conditioning Treatments

"The Q-Redew will be your saving grace since our hair type is typically harder to receive moisture due to its closed cuticle."

4. Super Scalp Massage

"The Q-Redew Steamer will encourage blood flow to the scalp with its moist, warm steam."

5. Safer Way to Stretch/Blowout Hair

"The Q-Redew also provides a safe alternative to the extreme heat of using a blow dryer to achieve stretched styles like a blow out or to prepare the hair for an updo, roller set, braid outs or flat twists."

Read her full blog!

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