Q-Review | How to Create Soft Natural Hair

Hello Curl Friends!

This weeks blog is not a long one. We decided that this week we would focus more on a review rather than a tutorial.

Is there still a tutorial in this video? Yes! A small one, showing you how to get your hair super soft and stretched.

But that is not the focus. Our focus was finding out what our users thought of the Q-Redew. We get so many different testimonials we thought we would highlight some of them.

"This product is amazing. If you are natural and hate detangeling you will love it."

-Elsy M. Solano

"This is the best thing that has ever happened to my extremely fine 4c hair. It makes wash says bearable and midweek styles are a hit because I don't have to constantly set my hair to get moisture in anymore."


"I have this and I love the product. I use it every week before my oil prepoo. I have type 4 hair so I know it's great for coily texture."

-DaSwanja Grider

Brownsugarglam did a review video highlighting the Q-Redew. In it she explains that the Q-Redew is a staple in her hair routine and not just to help with deep conditioning but to help with growth, stretching, moisturizing, saving time, styling, and so much more.

Her final thought on using the Q-Redew was:

"I JUST LOVE IT! This is the easiest way to create that soft natural hair that you are looking for."

Check out her video below!

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