Save Time on Wash Day

Save Time on Wash Day


Hey Curl Friends! 

Let us start this blog by saying we LOVE this weeks spotlighted Curly Girl. She is so amazing and her videos are gold. If you want to follow someone you can relate to who knows what's up with the hair game it's Cole Patrick!

Let us give you a little information on who she is and why you need to go follow her on social media.

1. 4C HAIR!! - We love our 4C Hair curly girls and we know what a struggle it is. We hear it all the time, "The Q-Redew wont work for me will it?" "I have 4C Hair, there is no way this will help me!" "There is nothing out there for us 4C girls." Well Cole Patrick will show you that there are tools out there for you and that the Q-Redew is one of them.

2. She is a Natural Hair Educator - She created to help women learn how to better care for their natural hair. She provides information about hair care, how-to hair styles, hair care products, and more!

3. She went through the 'BIG CHOP' - My girl Cole Patrick took the big step back in 2012. She decided to start her natural hair journey by cutting off all her hair. She took that experience and educated herself on how to manage and take care of her natural hair and now she wants to help others. 

Now that you know a little bit about what an amazing person she is let get to her video!

"I don't know why I took so long to purchase this!"

In Cole Patrick video she does a Q-Redew Review/Demo and walks viewers through some tips and benefits of using the Q-Redew and why you need one NOW!


Benefits of the Q-Redew

1. Lightweight and Easy to Use

2. Great for Traveling


Tips from TNC

1. Always detangle before washing

2. The wide tooth combs makes it easier to detangle

3. Twist each section after detangling


I don't want to spoil to much from her video so I am going to stop talking now and let Cole Patrick tell you whats up with the Q-Redew!

Make sure to follow her online at:






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