Once there was a curly girl named Heidi. Heidi has always LOVED curly hair. It took a while for Heidi to learn to care for her curls, but with the help of Curly Girl The Handbook by the original curly girl, Lorraine Massey, she quickly learned. After playing nice with her curls, she loved curls even more! Curls were fun, attention grabbing, full of personality and best of all, big!  

Heidi's first curly lesson: hair with texture likes to be handled differently than its straighter peer. No harsh detergents, minimal heat, lots of moisture, skip a cleansing day (or more!), no brushes. This is where Heidi stumbled "Don't wash my hair everyday! No brushes!" She tried spritzing with water, wearing a ponytail, rewetting and waiting for her hair to air dry. Not happy with those solutions, but determined to stay curly, her thoughts wandered. (Heidi is a thinker, like it or not, she can not turn it off) Aha….STEAM! Must have steam. Steam would work! Steam would be healthy! Steam would leave Heidi's hair dry to the touch! Steam would warm, soften, allow for reshaping, chase away second day hair, and yes it would make it BIG!

I am Heidi, and that is where my journey with the Q-Redew Vapor Wand, the first handheld hair steamer began. Patents, designers, problem solving, engineers, help from husband Tom, website design, more problem solving, mentors, manufacturing, marketing, shipping, more problem solving, customer service, and really wonderful women with really wonderful hair textures.

Voila! The Q-Redew was on its way! Embraced by curly girls everywhere. The ladies with texture love the steam! The feedback began pouring in to Q-Redew head quarters. And with the feedback my knowledge bank on steaming hair has grown. So many ways to apply the steam, so many problems solved with steam, but I find myself needing a way to share my ideas and your ideas!

So now I can add blog to the list. It is here that we will share. We will share not only my ideas, but the ideas of all the really wonderful women with really wonderful hair texture who take the time to send us feedback, write reviews, introduce their hair care and beauty routines. We will share videos, photos, how to suggestions.

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