From Puff to Twistout with Q-Redew Steamer

You may think that it's too good to be true, but you can go from a dry, crunchy, old hairstyle to a perfect twistout without rewetting your hair and starting over. The Q-Redew hand held hair steamer is the secret to this shortcut.

Targeted steam moisturizes and softens the hair allowing for safe and easy manipulation while leaving the hair dry to the touch. This is a good bedtime routine giving your hair time to set during the night.

All you will need is a Q-Redew, clips for sectioning hair, and your favorite setting product, and a satin bonnet for sleeping.

Step by step:

  • Remove any hair elastics and bobby pins.
  • Clip dry hair into sections. The number of sections you chose to make depends on how thick your hair is and how small you would like to make the twist.
  • Steam one section from root to end passing through the hair a few times until the hair is warm, soft, and tangle free.
  • Apply your favorite styling product, cream, or butter to the section.
  • Twist the steamed section.
  • Continue to steam and twist each section.
  • Cover with satin bonnet for sleep.
  • In the morning carefully remove and separate each twist. 
  • Fluff at roots with your fingers to achieve fullness
  • Admire!

This is one of my favorite puff to twist out videos by Iman Chaney.  I love Iman's smile when she feels her hair soften. Thank you Iman!

Follow Iman on YouTube and Instagram @forever_iman 

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