The Q-Review with Taren Guy

Welcome to the Q-Review! Every month, we showcase a recent demo, review, or testimonial. Today we’re highlighting YouTube vlogger,  Taren Guy’s January Favorites video, which includes her thoughts on the Q-Redew.

Taren began her natural hair vlog on YouTube in June 2009. She documented her own natural hair journey: A chronicle of her transition from chemical straightening to embracing her natural curls. Now Taren has a worldwide following of fans looking for tips on natural hair and beauty.

The latest addition to her hair care arsenal is the Q-Redew!

“When I actually used (the Q-Redew) I really really liked it and I found myself using it over and over again which is why it’s a part of the favorites.”

Taren goes on to talk about the many ways she uses her Q-Redew and how the steam improves her hair’s moisture….

For deep conditioning:

“The steam actually softens and helps moisturize my hair… For deep conditioning it opens up my hair’s strands and allows the product to penetrate into my hair’s strands.”

For styling:

“This is amazing because it actually stretches my hair as well.”

“It plumps my hair out and it stretches it and it stays that way. And I LOVE my hair and I love this look. Period.”

For detangling:

“When you have conditioner in your hair you can actually detangle and steam it at the same time, and the steam just makes your hair easier to deal with.”

Taren’s final take on her Q-Redew:

“If you want to refresh your hair, deep condition, steam your face, give yourself facials and do all kinds of things… This is definitely multipurpose and you will love it. Q-Redew, definitely a thumbs up in my book and definitely a favorite.” 

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