Deep Condition Type 4 Natural Hair

This week we want to feature what the Q-Redew can do for Type 4 hair. We are often asked:

  • Will the Q-Redew help add moisture to Type 4 hair?
  • Will the Q-Redew actually de-tangle my Type 4 hair?
  • This product is great but will it work on my Type 4 Hair?

We have an answer to all of these is yes, yes and YES! The Q-Redew hand held steamer conveniently deep conditions, hydrates, detangles and stretches your hair with steam. The Q-Redew is an alternative to the time consuming hooded steamer and drippy spray bottles. It is convenient enough for daily use on dry hair.

To help put everyone who has type 4 hair at ease we thought this video would be the perfect way to show you just how much the Q-Redew can help.

“Hey Y'all! Welcome back to Captured by Yada. This video will show you how I deep condition my hair using The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Mask Treatment and the Q-Redew Hair Steamer! Its such a simple process, so I hope you fall in love with the Q-Redew just like I have!”

She adds her deep conditioner (The Mane Choice Green Tea & Carrot Mask Treatment) to her curls section by section and then goes in with the Q-Redew. She then twists up her hair, adding a little more steam to it, and then it is ready to be put under her shower cap.

“I am obsessed, nothing else has made my curls pop like this steamer does!”

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