Brown Girls With Curls Featuring the Q-Redew

Who doesn’t love a little bit of laughter to brighten up the day!

This week we are featuring Brown Girls With Curls as they show us how to use the Q-Redew. Let just start by saying how sad we were to here Aisha did NOT know what the Q-Redew was. However Grasie comes to our rescue by explaining and demonstrating what we do.

“I am excited to meet this moisturizing and beautiful…”

“I use it to detangle my hair… twist… stretch… and fro out your hair.”

These girls are what the Q-Redew is all about, humor, love, and natural beauty! After just one short use Aisha is sold on our product and how much we help. She also had to make it clear that this was not a sponsored video however we have to say we are very proud to be having her feature our product on her channel.

“This feels really nice, this really does detangle.”

“This is the first time I am using this and it feels awesome. This is not sponsored but Q-Redew if you feel like sending me one you just call me up girls.”

What can we say these girls are amazing and we love them! Watch their video below so you can fall in love with them too!


Grasie Mercedes (that's me!) shows Aisha Alfa what is and how to use use a QRedew!
Grasie - @grasiemercedes
Aisha - @aishaalfa

Thanks for watching!

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