Curly High Top with Q-Redew

How to achieve a curly high puff!

Type 4C hair is a hair type that we get a lot of questions on. That is why this week we are going to show you a great video tutorial from Typical BlaQueen. She has tight, coily, 4C hair and she knows how to rock it. In this video she uses the Q-Redew to refresh her high puff and give it new life.


What you will need:

Taliah Waajid Curyl Curl Cream

Rightteous Roots 11 Essential Oil


Perm Rods

And of course… the Q-Redew

“This Q-Redew is the Goat ya’ll!”

First add the oil to your hair and make sure you work it in good. Then working mostly with the ends use the Q-Redew to cut through the tangles and to help bring out those curls. “This Q-Redew loosens up like butter my 4C tight coily coils at the end of my hair. It makes de-tangling a breeze!”

After you get the curls steamed and detangled add your leave in conditioner. Work that leave-in using your fingers or a wide tooth comb to help restore moisture in your hair. To help control those edges use an edge oil of your choice to help keep those edges in check.

Then using those Snappee’s get your hair wrapped up into your high puff. Once you have you puff where you want it, its time to start curling! BlaQueen adds a curl cream to her hair to help definition. Start twisting your sections, all the way to the end, and then to achieve that perfect curl wrap a curl rod around the end of your twist and roll up half way.

YOU’RE DONE!! For a little bit. Now its time to let it dry whether you want to air dry or sit under a dryer is up to you, just make sure those twists get dry. Once those twists are ready it’s time to untwist and puff. Using your wide tooth comb get into that high puff and start working it up.

And there you have it! A refreshed high puff using the Q-Redew.

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