Q-Redew Review & How-to on 4B/4C Hair

Hello to the gorgeous Q-mmunity!

This week we were featured by Kinkzwithstyle, showcasing her skills with the Q-Redew hair steamer on type 4B/4C hair. Her blog features tons of great hair tutorials and product reviews, be sure to catch up on her posts! 

In her review, she writes about how using the Q-Redew has greatly helped bring moisture back into her coils and leave a more voluminous, blown-out fro.

Here are some highlights:

"I will just go in with my steamer where I feel needs a little moisture and fluff to 'wake my hair up'. After a light steaming session, I’m left with super moisturized and soft hair that’s ready to be retwisted or bantu knotted for the rest of the week."

"Due to the various uses for the Q-Redew steamer - I would say this product is definitely worth the hype. It’s amazing at giving your styles that little boost, allowing you get more longevity out of them."

Read more tips on how to get the most out of your 4B/4C hair with the Q-Redew.


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