Deep conditioning, stretching, and styling with the Q-Redew!

Deep conditioning, stretching, and styling with the Q-Redew!

Hello again to all the lovely people in our Q-mmunity!

This week we were lucky enough to be featured in @MyThriftedCloset which is an absolute honor. Her videos are amazing examples of what the natural girl is all about. So if you get the chance to catch up on her channel you are going to want to!

In the video below she shows how the Q-Redew can help you in your hair routine. MyThriftedCloset shows viewers how she uses her Q-Redew for deep conditioning, stretching, and styling.

Here are some highlights from the video:

“If you want to see how I use my Q-Redew to condition, stretch, and style me natural hair lets GO! Im starting off on dirty dry hair and I am just stretching out my hair to get started. Im starting with a section in the back, I always put my hair in two sections and start in the back.”

“I am going in with my Q-Redew, it is my favorite hair tool, I have been using it for years.”

“The steam really helps to get in there and get a really deep condition.”

“The Q-Redew helps get the ball rolling. It helps to stretch my hair while also moisturizing. IDONT KNOW HOW IT WORKS, IT JUST DOES!”

“My hair doesn’t revert, it really just stretches my hair out and gets out all the kinks.”

“My Q-Redew is the most bomb tool ever!”

Trust us, you’re going to want to watch the video and see how she creates the perfect hair style for any occasion.

That’s all for this week’s blog, make sure to check back next week for more styling tips, how-to videos, and all your other curly needs!

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