Detangling Natural Hair

How to detangle your hair with the Q-Redew!

After 6 weeks of having her hair in a protective style it was time for that hair style to come out and the Q-Redew to come in. This tutorial by PurpleReign 413 explains how she is going to use the Q-Redew to bring moisture back to her hair and help her detangle her curls.

She sections her hair into 4 sections and then makes sub-section to make it easier to manipulate. Her hair is extremely tangled and she explains the importance of using the Q-Redew.

"I dont think the best decision is to try and detangle your hair with a comb when your hair is in a state like that."

She starts from the bottom and works her way up. She continues that routine and if she runs into a difficult spot she goes back to the bottom and goes over that area again. She adds caster oil, combs out her sections, and then two-strand-twists her hair. The results are amazing. Her hair is long, thick, and healthy.

Thank you PurpleReign 413 for an amazing tutorial on detangling your hair!

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