Tips and Tutorials with Modelesque Nic!

Another amazing review from Modelesque Nic!

We love when Modelesque Nic includes us in her amazing styles and tips videos. She is always coming up with the most amazing and stylish hair tutorials and we love sharing them with our Q-mmunity!

First she starts with a quick tutorial on how to use the Q-Redew. She gives simple instructions on how to take it apart, fill it up, and put it together.

Once she is ready to get steaming she takes her stretched hair and separated it. She then applies a castor oil through the sectioned hair. Next she applies the Q-Redew slowly and efficiently through her curls to help detangle and hydrate. The last step before she styles is to add her hair butter, make sure to add extra hair butter to the tips.


  • Separate hair into manageable sections
  • Add your favorite oil
  • Use the Q-Redew to steam, detangle, and moisturize your hair
  • Add your favorite cream or hair butter

Now on to styling!

After the Q-Redew, oil, and hair butter have been applied she adds her perm rods for beautiful curls. Add your hair bonnet or scarf before going to bed to help keep those curls in place. Once you wake up or your hair is fully dry start removing your hair rods, be sure not to disturb your curls yet. Once all the rods are out slowly start to unravel your curls with your fingers. Grab your afro pic! It’s time to add volume! Fluff your hair to the desired volume and enjoy your beautiful results!

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