Deep Conditioning Type 4 Hair

Deep Conditioning Type 4 Hair

Of course one of the most beautiful hair textures is also the hardest to master. We KNOW the struggle is real! That is why we are here!

Our goal was to make it possible for all hair types to have beautiful and manageable hair and we have achieved that. One of the ways that we know we were successful is the amount of videos, tutorials, reviews, and demos that we see daily on Youtube and Instagram. We receive some of the greatest videos from our followers and love to share them here with all of you.

A new video we just received was from LoveNaturally, a How To video on deep conditioning Type 4 hair. She has Type 4a and 4b low porosity hair. On February 19th 2016 she went through the big chop going fully natural.

She starts her hair routine by sectioning her hair into 4 different sections so that it is easier to manage. Then she lightly sprays it with water and adds her conditioner. She starts from the bottom of her hair and works her way up making sure that all the hair is fully and evenly covered. Then she takes the ever amazing Q-Redew hand held steamer and puts some real moisture into her curls. It also allows her to detangle while she hydrates.

Her hair comes out with beautiful tight ringlets that she rocks!

Don’t believe me… watch the video below to see for yourself!

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