Reviews, Recommendations, and Demos oh my!

Reviews, Recommendations, and Demos oh my!

"Seriously Natural" used Q-Redew as a base for their blog on October 10, 2016. We are ecstatic and honored! Their blog is centered around the benefits of steam in your hair (so of course we were mentioned). They walk their readers through the importance of keeping their hair moisturized and all the added benefits. Then they shared the Q-Redew love.

“One of the best hair steamers outside of using your shower is the handheld Q-Redew. I have one and I love it! Easy to use, portable and hugely popular, this natural and curly hair tool is a must if you suffer from hair dryness or want to increase your hair's elasticity. The Q-Redew not only helps with adding moisture to your strands but many naturals use it for detangling, hair stretching and reshaping hair because it can be used on wet or dry hair and it is much cheaper than hooded hair steamers.

I have one so I know how well it works and have been using for over two years with no regrets. I simply fill it up with water, wait a few minutes and begin rejuvenating my strands. It never burns or spits out hot water so I can even get all up in those roots to hydrate well. “

We would love you to visit their site at and check out the full blog.



Moisturize, Stretch & Detangle Your Natural Hair

“I’m so excited right now!”

“I just need this in my life!”

One of our favorite videos came to us from Keke Jackson and we fell in love with her enthusiasm. In this amazing video, she does a demo and review of the Q-Redew. She uses the Q-Redew to detangle and stretch her hair out. Watch below to hear what she has to say.

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