Q & A's with Q-Redew

Q & A's with Q-Redew

Q & A's with Q-Redew

There are a lot of great questions out there about the Q-Redew and whether or not it will work for people. We are here to answer all the questions we have heard over the last few years.

Will it work on 4 A,B, and C textured/afro hair?

YES! It conveniently deep conditions, hydrates, detangles and stretches your hair with steam. It is convenient enough for daily use on dry hair. A few minutes of targeted steam reactivates the products already on the hair (no need to wet the hair or add more product) and opens the cuticle allowing the moisture from the steam into the hair shaft. With the convenience of a hand held tool you can quickly reach the deeper layers of your hair with ease.

How long does it take to use the Q-Redew?

Just minutes! The Q-Redew was designed to help people with curly hair get beautiful curls without having to through the trouble of re-wetting and washing. This is a quick alternative to gorgeous hair!

Won’t the Q-Redew make my hair frizzy?

The Q-Redew’s unique trigger and prongs allows you to control the volume and location of the steam – so you apply the amount that just feels right to you limiting unwanted frizz. If you suffer from extremely frizzy hair, the Q-Redew may unfortunately increase frizz. However with frequent steam treatments using the Q-Redew the moisture levels of the hair will increase resulting in less frizz over time.

Will the Q-Redew damage my hair?

The Q-Redew will not damage your hair. The Q-Redew’s steam application is 100% natural – free of chemicals or ingredients that can build up on hair and cause damage. In addition, unlike other heat styling tools that can damage the hair’s cuticle by drawing moisture out of the hair, the Q-Redew’s steam is good for the long-term health of your hair by adding moisture.

Will it work on hairstyles that are 3 to 4 days old?

Yes! This is one of the reasons the Q-Redew was created, to help reactivate water based products that you have applied earlier. It helps you keep your hair healthy and is quick and easy to use.

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