Deep Conditioning with the Q-Redew

Deep Conditioning with the Q-Redew

Hello to our Q-mmunity!

We have a wonderful video from Hi F3licia. In the video she walks us through an amazing deep conditioning hair regimen where she highlights all the wonderful things that the Q-Redew can do for you. Here is just a sneak peek at the great things she had to say about the Q-Redew and some tips for remarkable results:

  • Deep conditioning is a major part of my hair regimen. I usually suggest deep conditioning at least twice a week especially if you have damage. In this video I am going to show you how amazing my curls where after steaming a mask into my hair with my new Q-Redew.
  • Now I have steamed my hair before but I instantly knew I was going to like the Q-Redew better because the constant flow of steam and the little fingers on the Q-Redew were really convenient.
  • For the best results make sure your taking your time and your gentle when your steaming each section. You want to keep following these steps on the next sections, deep conditioning, slowly steam, and seal with oil.

If you like some of the things she had to say please watch her full video here and learn what the Q-Redew is capable of!

Thank Q and we hope to have you back next week for another wonderful review from one of our amazing member of the Q-mmunity!

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