Detangling using the Q-Redew

Detangling using the Q-Redew

NAPPYESE TV has Type 4C hair and is in love with our product! In her video she walks us through the steps she takes to detangle her hair.

  • Scalp massage and pre-poo over night
  • Split your hair into sections
  • Start steaming the section with the Q-Redew
  • Separate that section to make detangeling easier
  • Apply detangling mix and use fingers to detangle
  • Brush through to get the shed hair out
  • Twist and you are good to go!

“In this video I show you how using this Q-redew steamer has helped make my life easier by splitting my detangling time in half. My hair gets maximum hydration before even hitting the shower for a wash.”

We cannot wait for her next video!

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