Q & A Session with @Styleoptimist

Q & A Session with @Styleoptimist

Name: Jewel
IG Name: @styleoptimist
City: Minneapolis, MN
Blog: www.Styleoptimist.com 

Why and how did you become a blogger/vlogger?
I started my blog as a way to express myself through my style and my blog essentially was an outlet during graduate school. I ventured off into video content as a way to improve my public speaking, as a way to transition into hosting at some point. Before I wore my hair natural, my videos were mostly fashion and style based.

When did you make your first hair care video?
My first hair video was September of 2014. I cut my hair, (big chopped) and decided to record the process. So my big chop was my first natural hair video.

What social media platforms do you use? What’s your favorite?
I utilize all social media platforms (@styleoptimist, everywhere) but instagram is my favorite. It's where I am able to engage the most with my followers and get endless doze of fashion, beauty and lifestyle inspiration as well as funners ;)

What does your hair routine look like right now?
My hair routine at the moment is really simple. I wash my hair every 7-10 days. I deep condition each time. I'm more likely to wear my hair in a twist out for the first few days and wear my hair in a bun for the remainder of the week until wash day. Low manipulation is key to ensuring my hair is healthy and retains length.

What is your favorite hair style?
My favorite hairstyle is a wash and go because it's fairly easy. I did try a braid out for the first time in almost three years and I loved the results so my favorite hairstyle could change at any moment, as I'm loving the results of my braid out.

Besides the Q-Redew ;) what is your go-to hair product?
My go to hair product: Being the product connoisseur that I am, aka product junkie, It's hard to narrow it down. If I had to pick I would say Jane Carter's Curls to Go leave in conditioner, it has amazing slip! I also swear by the Eden BodyWorks Coconut COwash, My hair loves the curl maker by Camille Rose Naturals, and Obia Naturals Babbasu DC. Styling tools to help with moisture I really enjoy my hot head deep conditioning cap and my qredew of course!

Anything I want to share with qredew readers:
When I cut my hair almost three years ago, quite a few people said I looked nice with curly hair but there was always a question of "why'd you cut off all your good hair" To think that cutting my hair to embrace my natural texture would connect me with other women who are embracing their textured hair and just being able to be my authentic self and inspire others is beyond a dream.

A big thanks to @Styleoptimist for taking time out of her schedule to help answer a few question. Remember to go follow her on Instagram, Facebook,and Youtube!

Stay tuned for our next lovely Q-Redew Brand Ambassador!

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