Q & A Session with @HiF3licia

Q & A Session with @HiF3licia


Felicia Jones

IG name



Fayetteville NC




Any other social media platforms

@hif3liciahaircare (fb)

Hi F3licia (youtube)

HiF3licia (snapchat)


Why and how did you become a blogger/vlogger?

I needed a distraction after my big sister passed away so I started writing about my hair routine on IG. It helped to connect with other people as passionate about healthy curls as we were!

When did you make your first hair care video?

Sept 2015

What social media platforms do you use? What’s your favorite?

I mainly use Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. My favorite is definitely Instagram!

What does your hair routine look like right now?

Right now I make sure to deep condition regularly and use products that are very moisturizing! When my ends feel dry I steam them with conditioner & olive oil!

What is your favorite hair style?

My curly Pineapple!

Besides the Q-Redew ;) what is your go-to hair product?

I love my conair lift me comb! I carry it with me everywhere to fluff for volume or use it to massage my essential oils in!


Anything you would like Q-Redew followers to know about you?

I plan to get my cosmetology license soon so I can travel around and help revive curls of all kinds!!


Thank you so much!!



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