Graduation Hair "Bantu Knots with Miss Q"

Graduation Hair "Bantu Knots with Miss Q"

It's that time of year, graduation is just around the corner for many of us. It's an exciting time to celebrate well-deserved accomplishments and look back on past memories. Along with graduation also comes stressors associated with that little black hat, especially for curly girls. We are faced with the dilemma, "Do we give in and straighten?" or  "Do we try to manage and style the curls?"


We wanted to provide some graduation style suggestions for your special day!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you slay Graduation Day while rocking your natural curls.

What you will need:

  1. Q-Redew (Allows you to prep your curls by moisturizing, elongating and stretching them through the usage of steam. )
  2. Styler of your choice (I used a med hold gel)
  3. Oil
  4. Bobbi Pins… lots of Bobbi Pins

Start by:

  1. Stretch your curls using the Q-Redew. As you can see the in the clip below, the steam is stretching each section of hair. If you choose, follow each section up with a plat to preserve the tension.
  1. Section off the hair to focus the knotting process.
  1. Apply your *product of choice. Start from the base of the scalp and twist the hair as tightly as possible. Be sure to add more product to the ends if necessary. This will ensure that the ends are nice and smooth. 
  1. Allow your hair to dry.
  1. Apply a light oil to your hands and unravel the knots once the twists are completely dry.

Voilà, Graduation Hair!

Now in order to rock this style with your graduation cap. Just have tons of bobbi pins on deck. Since your hair has been stretched using the Q-Redew your curls should be moisturized and voluminous. You don’t have to stop with the Bantu Knots! You can do a cute bun, or half up, half down.  The sky is the limit. 


Miss Q 



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