The Q-Review with Disco Curls

The Q-Review with Disco Curls

Today’s Q-Review features Rochelle Masella of Disco Curls. Rochelle shares on “3 Reason Why I Love This Handheld Steamer So Much.”

“This has been one of my number 1 hair tools because it’s multi-purpose, I can reshape, detangle, deep condition, stretch and add volume to my curls.”


Rochelle demonstrates her 3 favorite ways to use the Q-Redew.

  1. Enhance & Reshape

A few days post wash, my roots begin to stretch out making them appear straight while the rest of my hair is curly. This is because of my nighttime routine which consists of placing my curls into a pineapple while I sleep. The bends in my hair and any stretched areas are easily fixed by holding my Q-Redew near the root area. It shoots steam into the stretched areas causing it to shrink up and coil again. It took me a few tries to get it right but when I did, there was a nice boost of volume to the affected areas.

  1. Detangle & Stretch

By far my favorite way to use the Q-Redew because it cuts down on my shower time. On wash days, I normally spend up to fifteen minutes in the shower because I’m trying to gently detangle my curls. By detangling prior to my shower, I’m out in well under 10 minutes. The steam from the Q-Redew magically helps the prongs glide through my dreadful tangles. This same process can stretch the hair to provide the look of a blowout and prepare the hair for twist-outs, braid-outs, and more.

  1. Deep Condition 

Because the Q-Redew effectively opens up the hair cuticle, it can help deep conditioners penetrate even better. To deep condition, section the hair off and wave the steam over each section. Then, immediately smooth your favorite deep conditioner into the hair. Repeat on all sections and apply a shower cap for 20-30 min. Rinse and continue with your regular styling routine.

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