Miss Q’s Top Three Wedding Styles for Natural Hair

Miss Q’s Top Three Wedding Styles for Natural Hair

Miss Q’s Top Three Wedding Styles for Natural Hair

Wedding seasons is here! At one point, I found myself attending five weddings in one summer. I was a bridesmaid in three of them. Every wedding I was forced to style my own natural hair because the “Beauty Team” could never quite figure out what to do with it. 

These three styles became my go-to wedding hairstyles. They can be worn up to 50 different ways.  

First I prep my hair for styling by infusing hydration using the Q-Redew. This makes my hair so much more manageable and ready for styling.

Wedding Style #1 How-To:

Start with clean hair that has been washed and deep conditioned.

  1. Section hair into one inch sections.
  2. Smooth each section with a bristle brush to diminish tangles.
  3. Next, roll the hair around the flexi rod until it reaches the root.
  4. Once the hair is rolled bend the ends of rod to secure it in place.
  5. Allow the hair to air dry over night or sit under a hooded dryer.
  6. When the hair is completely dry, remove the rods.
  7. Last, separate the curls to give a fuller look. 

Wedding Style #2 How-To:


  1. Gather the curls to one side.
  2. Next, pin the curls using bobbi pins... lots of them.
  3. If needed, separate the curls more to add more volume.

 Wedding Style #3 How-To:


  1. Stretch and gather curls at the crown to create a bun shape.
  2. Use bobbi pins to secure the hair in the desired shape.
  3. Pin the remaining curls along the side of the bun.

This particular style does not have to look perfect.  The curls from the flexi rod set automatically and make this updo look super glam!

 What I love about using the Q-Redew, is that it gives my hair an extra boost of moisture so the curls are soft and easy to style.

I only listed three styles, but trust me the possibilities with this style are endless. 

What are your go-to wedding styles for natural hair?




Miss Q.

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