Summertime Protective Styles for Naturals

Summertime Protective Styles for Naturals

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Hello Summer! It's Hot! It's Vacation Time! It's time for fun in the sun!

As a natural, one of our first thoughts is, "What am I going to do with this hair?" During the summer, swimming, chlorine, sun exposure, humidity and heat can cause havoc on our hair. Here's a couple of tips to avoid looking frayed and raggedy while maintaining healthy, vibrant hair.

Before You Play, Q-Redew

Use the Q-Redew to infuse steam and moisture into your hair before you go out into the heat or into a chlorinated pool. The extra douse of moisture will provide you with healthy hair to combat the elements.

Sunscreen Your Hair

Hair needs protected from the sun just like your skin needs protection. Sun rays damage your hair. Sunscreen for your hair can come in the form of a sun hat, hair scarf or even a trendy wrap.  Some naturals love rocking the frizz and some want to avoid it. If you want to stay away from the frizz this summer, avoid products that have humectants located within the first five ingredients. Instead use a silicon based serum on your hair.

Consider Easy Simple Styles

The tension from tight braids or styles can actually damage your hair. Consider lose styles such as buns, braids, twists.

Most importantly, embrace the summer. Find time to get out in the sun. Cherish the sunsets, the sandy toes, the salty kisses and the beautiful sunsets. The tans may fade, but the memories you'll make this summer will last a lifetime.

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