Hair Density and What It Means for Your Regimen

Hair Density and What It Means for Your Regimen


Hair density refers to how close together your strands are placed on your scalp. When you know your hair’s density, as well as curl pattern, width and porosity, you can select the products, cuts, and styles that are best for maintaining your hair’s volume.


Determining Hair Density


The best way to decide your hair’s density is to count the hairs that are growing in a one-inch square on your scalp. Unfortunately, since the average person has approximately 2,200 hairs per square inch, which mean it would take quite a long time to count each strand. Thankfully, there are other ways to determine hair density.


Starting with dry hair (hair that is wet often looks thinner than it is) let your hair hang loose in its natural, unparted shape and examine it from different angles. If you can easily see your scalp, you have low hair density. If you can only see some of your scalp, you have medium hair density. If your scalp is difficult to see, you have high hair density.


Caring for Low Density


If you have low hair density, use lighter products that won't weigh your hair down and reduce its volume. Use a mousse to make your hair appear fuller, and consider using dry shampoos or volumizing shampoos and conditioners with thickening agents. Simple, rounded hairstyles will allow your curls, waves or coils to fall into place and give the appearance of higher density.


Caring for Medium Density


Those with medium density hair can use a variety of products, styles and cuts to enhance texture. Try mousse and dry shampoo to play up volume, or use heavier creams and butters to give your hair more weight and hang. Wash and go styles will allow your existing texture to shine through, while twists and braids will work well to alter your curl pattern and give it more structure.


Caring for High Density


If your hair density is high, choose heavy products such as gels, creams and butters to hold your curls together and reduce volume. Layered hairstyles work really well for high density hair.

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