Intense Deep Conditioning with Kathlyn Celeste

Intense Deep Conditioning with Kathlyn Celeste

Intense Deep Conditioning with Kathlyn Celeste

Hey Curly Girls!

Can we first just take a minute to look at the image above ^^ because let me just say SLAY QUEEN!! Kathlyn Celeste I am not worthy!! 

Ok now that I have got that out of my system I can get to what this weeks blog is all about, deep conditioning and hair growth. 

The Q-Redew is used for many different reasons and one of those is deep conditioning. You dont need us to tell you how important it is but we will tell you anyway. 

The Q-Redew’s steam provides moisture and hydration to the hair by temporarily lifting the cuticle of the hair to allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. This is particularly helpful with low porosity hair, which is often difficult to moisturize due to its closed cuticle.

  • Deep conditioning can be done on wet or dry hair.
  • Hair should be divided hair into sections. 
  • Working in sections, apply your favorite moisturizer to your hair. 
  • Apply Q-Redew steam to length of hair on section at a time.
  • Unlike a hooded steamer where you need to wait for the steam to penetrate all layers of your hair, when using the Q-Redew you are efficiently moving the steam across the surface of each section. You will immediately feel hair warm and soften.

As Kathlyn Celeste mentions in her video she is a strong advocate for natural hair health. She has stopped straightening her hair, she has been taking her hair growth vitamins, eating healthier, staying consistent with her scalp massages, using a variety of essential oils, and deep conditioning with the Q-Redew weekly. 

She has kept the Q-Redew as a must use tool in her hair routine and her video is a must watch if your hair is in need of help or if you just want a new deep conditioning routine.

"I’ve been raving about the Q- Redew steamer for months and I’m sooo happy with how it has helped transform my hair so I wanted to share a quick tutorial on how I deep condition with it! There are so many amazing ways to use it and sooo many benefits to it, so I HAD to share!!"


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