Detangling with Kenzie Kenz

Detangling with Kenzie Kenz


Hey Curly Girls! 

We know and understand the struggle of detangling those crowns. It's painful, it's time consuming, and to be honest it's a necessary evil! (If you can't tell I harbor some negative feelings) But not anymore!

The Q-Redew steam makes detangling a breeze. It is while hair is soft, moist and warm, but not saturated that you can quickly melt away tangles without damaging hair.

  • Start with dry sectioned hair.
  • Steam a section from root to end.
  • Use fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle gently.
  • Once the section has been thoroughly detangled, clip the section out of the way and move to the next section.
  • Follow with cleansing and styling as desired.

We have been trying to spread the word about how well the Q-Redew works at detangling but it can get old hearing from us OVER and OVER and OVER again, that is why we have been spotlighting some of our favorite vloggers. So they can do the talking for us. 

"I AM SHOOK! My hair is like butter!"

This week we are featuring a video by Kenzie Kenz on how to use the Q-Redew to detangle your curls! The only product you will need for this video is your Q-Redew so you should be ready to follow along.


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