Naturally Curly Q-Redew Review

Naturally Curly Q-Redew Review

Naturally Curly Q-Redew Review

Hello Curly Girls!

We already know the answer but we are going to ask it anyway… How many of you are familiar with the website

That’s what we thought, ALL OF YOU!

Well we don’t want to brag to much but we are going to. WE WERE FEATURED ON THEIR SITE! That’s right! They reviewed the Q-Redew and are in LOVE!

The review was done by the beautiful and amazing CurlyWavyDiane who had this to say:

“I can live my life without a flat iron, a curling iron, and probably even a blow dryer. But try and take my Q-Redew away from me, and you are just asking for trouble.”

“Using the Q-Redew all on its own leaves my hair soft… My favorite product to use with the Q-Redew is the DevaCurl Set It Free Mist. Also when I use the Q-Redew I need to apply less styling products overall on my days 2, and 3 hair.”

To read the full review PLEASE head over to the their blog at Q-Redew Review.

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