Meet Miss Q


We are happy to introduce you to Miss Q – Curator of the Curly Chronicles.  Follow the life of our resident naturalista as she shares her story, with special guest appearances by her handy Q-Redew hair steamer.





My name is Paige- that’s P-a-i-g-e. Yes, it is spelled with an “i”.

Whenever I am asked that question, I think it is really strange that people don’t know how to spell my name. Anyway, you can call me Miss Q.


I am originally from Augusta, Ga. I grew up on sweet tea and using the contraction “y’all” in most sentences. I am married with 3 kids, ages 5, 3 and 7 months.  We are a military family. My husband is the soldier, even though at times I felt as though I am a part of the military as well, dealing with all the deployments and such.


I have naturally curly hair and I love all things beauty! In my free time I enjoy quiet strolls down the makeup and hair care isles at my local Ulta and Sephora. Note the emphasis on “quiet”.  Since I stay home with my kids and work from home, I don’t have too much quality time to myself. But I wouldn’t change my life for the world.


These are my curly girl chronicles, and I will cover everything from hair to kids, relationships, beauty products and more! I hope you join in on the conversation.


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