It's Wash And Go Season!

Spring is officially here! That means that wash and go season is upon us curly girls. This time of year is a favorite for many since the WNG is quick, easy, and (if you have the right amount of moisture locked in) it will yield a week in wear time. During this season, a big challenge is keeping your Wash and Go fresh as long as possible. The secret to multi-day wear: using the Q-Redew!


Don’t underestimate the power of getting steamy. Wearing your hair loose can leave it dry and thirsty. Using your trusty plastic cap and deep conditioner may not always cut it. We are not knocking the power of the plastic grocery bag, since it gets the job done when necessary. But if you want to take your curls up a notch this spring, try utilizing the power of steam.


Steaming gently lifts the hair cuticle and allows the best moisturizer (water) to enter your hair shaft. It also allows for better penetration of product ingredients. This lets your conditioner really do its thing. It also enhances your curl pattern, which means more definition! Do yourself a favor, and try adding a steam session to your regime with the Q-Redew. Your curls will thank you.


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