Hair Width and What it Means For Your Hair

Hair related terms can be confusing, but the more you know about your own hair, the better you will be at choosing the best products, care methods, and styles for you.


Today we’re going to talk about hair width. This is often referred to as your hair texture, and it refers to how thick each individual strand of hair is, instead of how much hair is on your head. When you learn your hair’s width and curl pattern, you will know more about caring for it so that you attain and retain length.


Determining Hair Width

To determine your hair width, use a piece of hair from your comb or brush. Hold it up to the light. If it is wide and can be seen easily, you have coarse hair. On the other hand, if it is so thin you can barely see it you have fine hair. If your hair seems to be somewhere in the middle, you have medium width hair.





Since coarse strands are very wide and big around, they are the strongest of all hair textures. This means that it is much easier to maintain length if you have coarse hair.



Hair with medium width has strands that are strong and have some elasticity. It is neither too thin nor too thick. Medium width hair is somewhat resistant to damage, making it easy to maintain length.



Fine hair width has a very small circumference, which makes it delicate and easier to damage. It is often very difficult to maintain length with fine hair since it breaks easily. To strengthen and nourish fine hair, regularly deep condition with your Q-Redew, and keep manipulation of your hair to a minimum. Reduce your use of brushes and combs and steer clear of high-maintenance hairstyles.

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