The Q-Review with Natural Hair Rules !!!

In today’s Q-Review, we’re expressing deepest gratitude to a blog that has been a huge supporter of the Q-Redew – Natural Hair Rules


Natural Hair Rules offers natural hair care info, hairstyle guides, and inspiration.  This site is dedicated to encouraging others to be who they are naturally. Editor-In-Chief, Tamara L. Floyd has been blogging about her hair and healthy hair care since 2008 on Natural Hair Rules.


A few of the blogs which feature the Q-Redew includes the review, 5 Reasons Q-Redew Is Life Changing and 10 Tips for Moisturizing Natural Hair by Latoya Watson, and 13 Natural Hair Tools Every Woman Needs by Danyelle Jacobs.


Here are a few excepts from Latoya Watson’s review:


“Life-changing! That’s it! My review in a nutshell. But since I’m sure you want an explanation, I’ll go further.”
“I can refresh my hair without adding too much water and causing shrinkage. For my thick, dense, elastic hair, this is truly a game changer for me.”
“If I have an old, try twist out. I simply steam, add a leave-in, and seal with an oil. I used to be forced to do a co-wash; now I cheat with the Q-Redew.”
“When I use the Q-Redew, it melts through tangles with ease. I used to struggle with my spray bottle and my Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Conditioning Ghee — when I retwisted between washes. But not anymore.”


Thank you, Natural Hair Rules. We appreciate you!

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