Q & A with iMadameJay

IG name - iMadameJay
City/State - Charleston, SC
Blog/website - N/A

Any other social media platforms -Youtube - iMadameJay Twitter - iMadameJay Facebook - immadamejay

Why and how did you become a blogger/vlogger? - I became a vlogger because I have always loved hair and once I decided I wanted to natural I wanted to document that journey. Not only for myself, but for others who might be embarking on the same journey.

When did you make your first hair care video? - I made my first video back in May of 2014.
What social media platforms do you use? What’s your favorite? - I use Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I enjoy using Youtube the most because I really get to show off my creativity with it, whether it be my hair or just editing the video.

What does your hair routine look like right now? - My hair routine consist of deep conditioning once a week, using a protein treatment once a month, cowashing every week, and shampooing to get rid out build up on my scalp as needed.

What is your favorite hair style? - My favorite hair style right now is a wash and go. It’s so quick to do and it always shows off my natural curl pattern.

Besides the Q-Redew ;) what is your go-to hair product? - My go to product is my diffuser because it speeds up the drying process on wash days!

Anything you would like Q-Redew followers to know about you? - I would like Q-Redew followers to know that I absolutely love creating and I love trying new things with my curls. I also love to help people see the beauty in their curls by showing them the versatility of natural hair.

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