Q & A with TrophDoph

Q & A with TrophDoph

We love getting to know all our Brand Ambassadors and love introducing them to you. We have partnered with TrohDoph this weekend for a little special something so keep a look out for that.

Trophie Douglas
IG name:
Houston, Texas

Any other social media platforms:
Snapchat (trophdoph)

Why and how did you become a blogger/vlogger?
I became a blogger because I was obsessed with youtube and I still am. I love that it allows me to share my knowledge with the world and connect with so many people. One day I just decided I would go for it, I bought a camera and just did it!

When did you make your first hair care video?
My first video was October 19, 2015

What social media platforms do you use? What’s your favorite?
I use Instagram and Snapchat. My favorite is snapchat because I can show my crazy personality and instantly form relationships with my followers. It's much more personal than other social media sites.

What does your hair routine look like right now?
Lately i've been wearing a lot of wigs so my hair is just braided underneath. Usually I wash and deep condition my hair on Sunday's. During the work week I like to do protective styles so I don't have to worry about doing much to my hair.

What is your favorite hair style?
Twistouts hands down

Besides the Q-Redew ;) what is your go-to hair product?
My conair detangling comb. I don't know what I would do without it.

Anything you would like Q-Redew followers to know about you?
I'm goofy and so down to earth so don't be afraid to chat with me about anything!

Check out her Youtube channel here!

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