Q-Redew on Low Porosity 4C Natural Hair with The Joy Edit

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Q-Redew on Low Porosity 4C Natural Hair with The Joy Edit

Hello Curly Girls!

Something that we get asked about a lot is 4C hair and the Q-Redew. We understand the skepticism that 4C curly girls have when it comes to our hand held steamer and we don't fault you for it. Many products promise to help your hair when in reality they just don't.

That is why we love spotlighting 4C hair videos. It lets someone other than us do the talking. We dont mind telling you or explaining to you the benefits that come with using the Q-Redew, but we also know that it helps to have input from someone with the same hair as you telling you how amazing we are and what a joy it is to use our hair steamer.

So please welcome The Joy Edit

She was kind enough to review our product on her blog and we love everything she had to say and the video that she created. She has Low Porosity 4C Hair and for years struggled to figure out how to keep her tightly coiled, low porosity hair moisturized. 

"Would it help MY hair?  I'd had a Q-Redew on my wishlist for a while so I decided to give it a try."

She mentioned a list of pros to owning/using the Q-Redew.

  • Beneficial Heat
  • Easy Moisturization
  • Feel
  • Stretch
  • Length Retention
  • Convenience

"The Q-Redew is absolutely worth the splurge in my opinion.  Especially if you are struggling to keep dry, brittle, low porosity hair detangled and moisturized.  If length retention and quicker styling sessions are your goal, the pros far outweigh the cons. "

If you want to read more about her blog you can visit it here http://bit.ly/2ChTonS 

Now on to the FUN part... her VIDEO! 

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Chinenyenwa Odisigo
Chinenyenwa Odisigo

Please why don’t you do international shipping? I would love to try out the steamer but it looks like it only ships to US and Canada. I stay in Ireland, is there any possibility of buying one from here?

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