Stretching Natural Hair with Actually Ashly

Stretching Natural Hair with @Actually Ashly

Hey Curly Girls!

We love videos from you and we love spotlighting them on our blog. Each week we try to showcase a different use or benefit of the Q-Redew. This week we decided to show you how to stretch your natural hair.

Thanks to the amazing and beautiful @Actually Ashly we have the perfect video to share with you!

In her video she turns an old wash-and-go into a full BLOWOUT!! The best thing about this is the fact that she did it WITHOUT using heat! 

"Well first of all it's my favorite hair tool ever!!

A Q-Redew is a hand-held hair steamer specifically designed to help you quickly detangle, hydrate, reshape, stretch, rejuvenate, add moisture, and boost texture and volume. The Q-Redew can be used to moisturize and restyle hair between cleansing days without saturating the hair with water.

Definitely a must have hair tool!"

If you want to follow along with her video you will need a few things.

  • Q-Redew Hand Held Steamer
  • True By Made Beautiful Quench Curl Refresher
  • Gabriel Union FLAWLESS Oil Treatment
  • Bobby Pins
  • Texture Pro Brush 

We want all of you to love @Actually Ashly as much as we do so please go give her a like and follow!

  • INSTAGRAM: @actually_ashly
  • PINTEREST | FACEBOOK Actually Ashly
  • TWITTER Snapchat: @UmAshly

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