Hello Curly Girls!!

We know how much you ladies love a great deep condition but we recently stumbled upon something even better!

Better than a deep condition? 



According to this weeks spotlight video from Beautiful Jay the Super Deep Condition is where it is at!!

"I find this routine helpful to keep my curls moisturized and shiny on wash day."

There are a few things you will need if you are going to achieve Beautiful Jays Super Deep Conditioning routine. 

Products used:

  • Maui Moisture - Heal & Hydrate Mask
  • Maui Moisture -Strength & Anti-Breakage Mask
  • Q-Redew Hand Held Hair Steamer

“After I wash my hair I apply both the deep conditioners to my hair. I like to section my hair because it's easier to comb through and it prevents breakage. After I finish deep conditioning my hair I massage my scalp so that I can work the product on my scalp.

Now I'm going to use my Q-Redew hair steamer to help with really getting the deep conditioner working through my hair. If you're wondering what the benefits are of doing the hair steamer it does give your hair a lot of shine and allows the deep conditioner to penetrate in your hair strands.

I absolutely love using the steamer so it that I can get a very good deep conditioning when I'm doing my wash days”

Until next time Curly Girls!


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