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For the Q-Review, we usually feature only one blogger or review to showcase, but this month, we’ve decided to switch that up so that we can talk about making this list on BlackHairOMG.com. 52 natural hair bloggers/stylists were asked:

"If you could only use 3 moisturizing hair care products FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would they be?"

Over 70 products were mentioned, and some brands were mentioned repeatedly. We are flattered to say that although the Q-Redew isn’t a hair care product in the sense of the other items on the list, our handheld steamer still came in at #7 with 5 votes.

Favorite Natural Hair Moisturizers

#1 Shea Moisture brand products – 15 votes
#2 Coconut Oil – coconut oil for hair was the most voted with 14 votes
#3 Water – 10 votes
#4 Raw Shea Butter – 8 votes
#5 Thank God It’s Natural brand products - 7 votes
#6 Cantu brand products – 6 votes
#7 Q-Redew Portable Hair Steamer - 5 votes
#8 Eden Body Works brand product s & Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner – tied with 4 votes
#9 Aloe Vera & Olive Oil – tied with 3 votes

A few of the bloggers in the survey gave more detailed information on their selections. Thank you to Amber McKinnon of  BrownBombShellBeauty.com for having Q-Redew as part of your list!

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