​Traveling with your Q-Redew

Spring Break is upon us! Maybe you’re headed to the beach with friends or to a theme park with your family. Maybe you’re saving your vacation days for another special event. Regardless of when you go or where life takes you, it’s good to know that you can take your trusty Q-Redew with you wherever you have a conventional AC outlet.

Even when you aren’t traveling, the Q-Redew can easily be used anywhere in your home, your office, at the gym… you name it! The Q-Redew is approximately the size of a standard hand-held hairdryer, so it can be easily stored in a drawer or in a travel bag.

There is one exception to the Q-Redew’s travel-readiness. Since the Q-Redew is a 120-voltage appliance, we do not recommend using adaptors or convertors since they will shorten the working life of the Q-Redew. This means that it should not be used overseas, where most outlets are a higher voltage.

As an update for our international fans, Q-Redew Products is currently patent pending in the EU and we intend to be providing 240 voltage units in the near future!

Have a fun Spring Break and safe travels!

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