The Q-Review with The Polished Curl

Recently, Becky posted her review and a demo of the Q-Redew on her 2B/2C curls and the results were stunning! See her full video below.What are her thoughts on the Q-Redew experience?

“I am loving the Q-Redew – For my hair it really works wonders.”

“My hair really loves moisture but it hates having water just sprayed on top of it so I can never just spritz my hair with a bottle and go for the day. I have to use either water-type products or I am now finding that steam seems to really work well for my hair as well.”

“It works really really nicely to revive curls. It adds a lot of moisture.”

“I find that second day hair is a breeze with it. I have not had a time where I used it for second day hair and gotten bad results. I can even use this for third day hair, and third day hair is difficult for me to get because my hair is usually frizz by that point.”

Thank you so much for your thoughts, Becky! Check out more videos from The Polished Curl on her  YouTube channel.

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