Tips for Detangling Textured Hair with Ease

Tips for Detangling Textured Hair with Ease

Wash day. We avoid it like the plague because of all the work involved, especially the detangling! If you dread wash day because of the whole detangling process, here are a few tips to help you out.


If you had to transition back to your curly, kinky, coily hair from years of wearing it straight, you may have quickly learned that you can’t treat it the same way.  While it’s super easy to comb through straight hair, kinks, coils and curls need to be handled with care. Try these three steps...

“Started from the bottom...”

Instead of tackling your textured hair from the roots, it’s best to start from the ends and then gently work your way up. You’ll find that the tangles will loosen up much easier this way and it will lessen the chance of breakage as you go through the hair.

Take Your Time

Be gentle and try not to rush the process. Give yourself enough time to get through your entire head so you don’t rip through the strands and cause unnecessary breakage and split ends.

Work in Sections

Make things easier on yourself and divide your hair into sections. For one thing, it’ll make the process less terrifying. Also, your detangling tool will glide through smaller chunks so much better with less headache.


Textured hair becomes far better to work with when moisture is applied. Our Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer adds just enough warm moisture to the strands to help soften and melt tangles away. With the unique design of the Q-Redew, the prongs can act as a wide-tooth comb to separate any knots and tangles as the steam works through the hair

An Effective Tool

Our Q-Redew Steamer is great for an overall detangling between washes or to prep hair before washing. As a follow-up to your Q-Redew detangling routine, use our NEW gentle detangling brush to remove remaining shed hair that can cause extra tangling and matting while cleansing.

With bristle rows that separate and flex for gentle, snag-free detangling, this brush is great for all hair textures and can be used on freshly-steamed or wet hair. Perfect for making those curls really pop or to smooth your strands for the perfect rod set.

Detangling is a necessary part of our haircare routines but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Hopefully these tips will help make your next detangling session a breeze!

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