How to Create a "Heatless" Blow-Out with the Q-Redew

How to Create a "Heatless" Blow-Out with the Q-Redew

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If you love the fluffy and voluminous look of a blowout but want to limit heat or stay away from it altogether, then THIS is for you!

So, here's the thing, textured hair is already prone to dryness. While blow dryers do the job of stretching the hair, the direct heat also strips away much-needed moisture. If used too often, hair can become super dry and brittle leading to split ends and breakage if it's not nipped in the bud.

So if you wanna ditch the heat and live the #frolife without the risk of damage, try the handy and effective Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer to stretch the hair.

We know what you might be thinking...

"Wait… you said 'heatless'. But isn't steam heat?

While it's true that heat is used to create steam, steam itself is not the same as the direct heat we know of from heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, etc. When the water heats up in the Q-Redew, a warm vapor is created. So instead of a dry heat, steam is simply water in a different state and is still a form of moisture.

Because this look is created without the use of direct heat, our beautiful fans and users of the Q-Redew began calling this method a "heatless blow-out". Hopefully this clears things up!

In the video below curly girl Ty'Jalayah Robertson demonstrates how to use the Q-Redew to stretch her curls for a huge show-stopping fro. Check out the full video here.

If you're ready to commit to better hair care practices this year, join us in our #NoMoreDamageChallenge! Click here for our style archive to see all the ways you can use the Q-Redew and say hello to healthier hair.

For more heatless blowout inspiration, click the image below!


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Novella E Lundy
Novella E Lundy

This looks pretty easy. Good tutorial😊

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