VIDEO: Q-Redew Deep Moisture Masque!

VIDEO: Q-Redew Deep Moisture Masque!

We love seeing Nk Naturals results with our ultra moisturizing Deep Moisture Masque!

Did you know our masque is skincare for your scalp too?🧐

Our masque contains squalene which is great for reducing inflammation, won’t clog pores and it’s moisturizing!

Our masque also contains biotin, aloe vera, olive fruit oil, shea butter, argan and ginseng root!

More about our Masque!

Q-Redew's unique conditioning treatment for both hair and scalp. Consciously crafted by our hydration experts with a blend of Squalene and Aloe Vera to maintain healthy curls and provide moisture to dry, damaged hair

Why Squalane and Aloe?

Botanically sourced, extract from plants. Boosts hydration, moisture and shine for hair that looks and feels healthier. Fortifies against breakage. Naturally increases circulation and is anti bacterial.

Aloe Vera:
Plant derived. Anti inflammatory, soothing treatment for scalp. Adds and retains moisture to hair.


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