Q-Review with ELLE.com

For today’s Q-Review, we are featuring a recent article on ELLE.com, which details  How To Infuse Your Hair With Even More Moisture. It is an honor to have been listed as one of the ways to bring dull, dry locks back to life. Here is what ELLE had to say about the Q-Redew:

“This cool gadget infuses strands with moisture, adding lift and volume; use it right before you head out for an extra-luscious look (or in the A.M. to perk up slept-on hair). Our pick: the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer. Fill the basin with water, let it warm up, and pull the trigger. Holding it a few inches away from your scalp, ease the prongs through your hair section by section to distribute mist. The result: shiny, healthy, hydrated, happy hair. Do a few dramatic hair tosses in the mirror. Now go stop some traffic.”

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